Hurricane Attitudes of Coastal Connecticut Residents: A Segmentation Analysis to Support Communication

Appendix A: Direct Quotes from Respondents

A write-in option was provided for the following question: “How much, if at all, did each of the following factors influence your decision to remain at home during Superstorm Sandy? For each factor, please use the following scale, ranging from “very strong influence” to “no influence.” The factors provided were 1) I did not expect a very strong storm; 2) My home is very well built; 3) My home is in a safe location; 4) I did not receive a notice to evacuate; 5) In my experience, it is better to stay home. The quotes below were hand written in response to the final “Other” option.

First Out


“First responder said I probably wouldn’t experience flooding”

“Was prepared”

“We had power and heating throughout”

“All hotels were full anyway, even if we wanted to evacuate.”


“Being prevented from returning – this was true! Looters made it in but not residents.”

“Confluence of weather reports and tide times indicated I’d be OK”

“Lived here 28 years; been through a lot of storms”

“Prepared with generator and precooked food.”

“Sometimes there is too much hype” “This house survived the 1938 hurricane” “Try to stay to prevent more damage”

“I do not want people to endanger themselves in a possible rescue attempt.”

“Just was praying it would not be too bad but I started getting more nervous so I left, went to an evacuation site”

“N/A – I evacuated!”

“All the hotels were occupied within 50 miles”


“I live in senior housing with people who help the elderly.”

“Animals (dogs) huge factor”

“My dog couldn’t go most places available.”

“We were prepared to leave if storm was more severe.”

“Didn’t have a place to go.”


“…by the time we were asked to evacuate it was safer to stay home; power lines down everywhere and no where to go!!”

“Next time I may think of leaving cause it was pretty bad.”

“Grew up in Florida and experienced stronger storms.”