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The Program


Global warming is one of the greatest threats – and opportunities – of the 21st century. Our fate will be determined by the choices of 7.4 billion people and counting. We are social scientists studying the causes and consequences of public opinion and behavior. We help governments, media, companies, and advocates communicate more effectively. And we publish an online climate news service and daily national radio program, Yale Climate Connections.

The Yale Program is directed by Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz. For more information about the YPCCC team, please see People & Partners. The Program is part of the Yale School of the Environment at Yale University, in New Haven, Connecticut.

Mission & History

Our mission is to advance the science of climate change communication, help leaders communicate more effectively, and increase the public's understanding of climate risks and opportunities.

The Program grew out of a groundbreaking conference on “Americans and Climate Change” convened in 2005 in Aspen, CO by the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, now the Yale School of the Environment. Over 100 national leaders representing science, media, religion, politics, entertainment, education, business, environmentalism, and civil society developed an action plan to engage American society. The recommendations from the conference are available online in the report "Americans and Climate Change: Closing the gap between science and action."

What We Do

We conduct scientific research on public climate change knowledge, attitudes, policy preferences, and behavior at the global, national, and local scales.

We publish our research in public reports, interactive maps, and scientific articles and provide public presentations and private briefings. Our research is used by hundreds of news organizations, including CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, the Guardian, Xinhua, and others.

We also publish Yale Climate Connections – an online news site and daily, 90-second radio program broadcast on more than 680 stations nationwide and engage a large and growing audience on Twitter (~18,000), LinkedIn (~229,000), and Facebook (~63,000).

Finally, we help governments, media, companies, and advocates communicate more effectively.

To learn more about our current projects see: Our Projects