The Program

We conduct scientific studies on public opinion and behavior; inform the decision-making of governments, media, companies, and advocates; educate the public about climate change; and help build public and political will for climate action.

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Our Projects

We study the psychological, cultural and political factors that shape public opinion and behavior, using surveys, experiments, interviews, statistical models, maps and participatory GIS, among other methods. We also conduct studies at the global, national, and local scales. Major projects include Climate Change in the American Mind, The Yale Climate Opinion Maps, and International Attitudes & Behavior.

We also publish Yale Climate Connections - an online climate news service and national radio broadcast.

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People & Partners

A team of psychologists, geographers, political scientists, statisticians, pollsters, and communication scientists, we investigate how and why citizens in the US and around the world are, or are not responding to climate change, identify key audiences requiring tailored communications, and develop strategies to engage these audiences in climate change solutions.

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What is Climate Change Communication?

Climate change communication refers to the diverse processes by which climate change-related information, knowledge, ideas, emotions, meaning, values, and behaviors flow between individuals and through societies.

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