Climate Change in the Latino Mind


We would like to thank the many people who contributed to and guided this project, especially Adrianna Quintero of Voces Verdes, Mark Magaña of Green Latinos, Julie Martinez Ortega of the American Majority Project Research Institute, Michael Anthony Mendez of the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Chiqui Cartagena and Renee Ostrom of Univision, Jeff Kline of the Hispanic Communication Network, Narayani Lasala-Blanco and Matto Mildenberger of the University of California at Santa Barbara, Peter Howe of Utah State University, Edward Maibach and Connie Roser-Renouf of George Mason University, Lisa Fernandez and Eric Fine of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, and many other friends and colleagues. And a special thanks to the Heising-Simons Foundation for their support.