Silent killer: In London, air pollution has become a matter of life and death

Image by Rohan Naik

Yale College graduate Rohan Naik ’18 researched how air pollution in London affects the city’s most vulnerable residents for an article recently published in Pacific Standard: Silent killer: In London, air pollution has become a matter of life and death.

His work was made possible by a fellowship and travel grant under the partnership on climate change journalism between YPCCC and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.

Rohan also produced a photo essay accompanying his piece, made available through the Pulitzer Center: The New Battle for London’s Air.

Rohan writes:

My piece investigates air pollution in London and its effect on the city’s most vulnerable communities. It also considers the notion of historical memory, and if memory of a recent environmental disaster, the Great Smog in the 1950’s, influenced public decision on climate change. I had chosen London because it has long struggled with air pollution, and the city counters the narrative that these problems exist only in countries in the Global South. With the help of the Pulitzer Center and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, I spent a month in London interviewing scientists, activists, and ordinary citizens to understand the problem.