Video: Panel on Activist International Climate Journalism

Nabeelah Shabbir, Lina Yassin, and Eric Holthaus  joined the YPCCC for a discussion about activist international climate journalism on November 13th, 2020. Nabeelah shared her experiences at the Guardian with the British Journalism award-winning ‘Keep it in the Ground’ campaign, particularly her part in organizing 14 global newspapers to form a climate publishers network and working on “The Biggest Story in the World” podcast series. She is now conversation editor at The Correspondent, the transnational member-funded media platform which launched in 2019 with climate as one of its five main beats, helmed by Eric Holthaus. Eric spoke about his own history in climate journalism, culminating in his independent newsletter publication on the digital platform Substack, The Phoenix. He discussed the impossibility of separating humans from the environment, which makes climate an inherently human story. Lina Yassin, a recent college graduate calling in from Khartoum, spoke about her career. She started by launching her own climate change magazine in her teens, which eventually led her to Climate Tracker, an international climate journalism organization. She spoke about her journalistic strategy of reporting about climate change through the lens of personal story-telling – how individuals are impacted –  to raise awareness of the issue in Sudan, where climate change is not commonly discussed.