Video: Doha, Qatar Panel on US, India, China Climate Change Communication Research

“Climate Change Public Opinion in the United States, China and India” – Findings presented at the UNFCCC COP 18, December, 2012, Doha Qatar

YPCCC is proud to present this comprehensive video of our panel discussion on international climate change perspectives from December 2012 at UNFCCC COP 18 in Doha, Qatar. Climate change communication research findings from the US, China, and India were presented by panelists including Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, Wang Binbin and Professor Zheng Baowei of the China Center for Climate Change Communication, and Dr. Jagadish Thaker of the Indian Climate Research Network.

2:21 Opening remarks (Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz)
6:25 Opening Remarks in Chinese (Professor Zheng Baowei)
10:43 Findings from surveys of the American public on climate change knowledge, policy support and behavior (Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz) and Q&A
29:45 Findings from the survey of the Chinese public on climate change knowledge, policy support, perceptions and behavior (Ms. Wang Binbin)
42:57 US-China comparison results (Ms. Wang Binbin and Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz)
48:35 Climate Change in the Indian Mind (Dr. Jagadish Thaker, NUS)
1:00:08 Q&A and Conclusions for strategic climate change communication in the US, China and India