Giving Climate Thanks

This holiday season, we’re giving #ClimateThanks. With friends and colleagues across the climate community, we are taking a moment to tweet or post who or what we are thankful for in the fight for a safe climate. Please Tweet #ClimateThanks and help us raise awareness about the amazing things people are doing and build a stronger sense of solidarity among the far-flung climate community.

Nearly 2,500 people and organizations have lent their voices to the #ClimateThanks chorus so far, reaching millions.  As you enjoy the season with your loved ones, we encourage you to join in.

To participate, simply go to Twitter and post your #ClimateThanks messages (remember the # – you can also use this on Facebook).  The more the better! If you’re thanking an organization or a person with a social media presence, let them know about your gratitude by including their twitter handle (@ipcc_ch, for example).  If you’d like to highlight an example of their great work, include a shortened url to their website, recent article etc.

Tweet #ClimateThanks

Wondering what to post?  Here are some examples of what contributors have already given #ClimateThanks for:

  • The hundreds of climate scientists who are volunteering thousands of unpaid hours writing the latest@IPCC_CH report.
  • Senator Sheldon Whitehouse @SenWhitehouse for advocating climate science in the U.S. Senate
  • Interfaith Power & Light for engaging hundreds of faith communities in climate solutions
  • The development of Protected Bike Lanes and the growing number of cities installing them to encourage low carbon transport @peopleforbikes

You can keep track of the conversation by following the #ClimateThanks thread on Twitter, and we will share some of the results here.