Faith Communities Leading on Climate

On October 15th, the YPCCC hosted Reverend Kyle Meyaard-Schaap of the Evangelical Environmental Network; Gabby Trejo, of Sacramento ACT, and Rev. Ambrose Carroll, of Green the Church. Yale Divinity School professor and prominent theologian Dr. Willie James Jennings moderated. Rev. Meyaard-Schapp started us off with a discussion on the evangelical obligation to take climate change seriously as a threat to God’s earth and how evangelicals can leverage their powerful political bloc. Rev. Carroll told the origin story of Green the Church and described it’s three pillars: amplifying green theology, promoting sustainable practices, and building power for political and economic change. Executive Director Trejo explained how her faith community started to take action on climate change, despite having many other community challenges to address, because of global warming’s intersectional and amplifying effects on those other issues. In conversation, Dr. Jennings asked the panelists about the strategies for introducing climate organizing into faith groups, and how to build bridges between diverse faith communities to best build power toward climate action.