Climate Change Jigsaw

This Jigsaw exercise offers two ways in which students can discuss our radio stories as a team to deepen thinking around climate change issues.


Climate change is a complex scientific issue. In order to teach climate change effectively, we must make the topic concrete and connect it to students’ everyday lives. Yale Climate Connections does just that: YCC aims to help citizens and institutions understand how the changing climate is already affecting our lives. It seeks to help individuals, corporations, media, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, academics, artists, and more learn from each other about constructive “solutions” so many are undertaking to reduce climate-related risks and wasteful energy practices.

Through articles, videos, and daily 90-second stories broadcast on hundreds of radio stations nationwide, YCC “connects the dots” between climate change and energy, extreme weather, public health, food and water, jobs and the economy, national security, the creative arts, and religious and moral values, among other themes. 

The Jigsaw is a great way to promote discussion around YCC radio stories in a way that gets students to listen to and learn from each other. You can facilitate a Jigsaw in one of two ways, both of which are described on the Educator Page.

Goals and Standards:

  1. Analyze a climate change story to gain a greater understanding of a climate change topic.
  2. Construct a written or oral argument using evidence.
Common Core ELA Standards: RH.6-8.1, RST.9-10.8, RST.11-12.8, WHST.6-8.7,
NGSS Performance Expectations: MS-ESS3-3, HS-LS2-7,