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Spring 2020 Remote Work Research Assistant Projects In Climate Communication

YPCCC is currently seeking student workers for various temporary projects. These positions are ideal for students looking for a short-term position and can begin ASAP. These are work-study eligible positions. Students can work remotely.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to with the position you’re applying to within the subject line. Positions are available to current Yale students only.


Climate organization data collection/collation

  • We are compiling and organizing a list of frontline groups and organizations engaging with the issue of climate change. We’re looking for a student to collect and organize information about currently active organizations. No technical experience necessary.
  • Time total: about 20 hours
  • Output: Google sheet with 5-10 data points per organization (to be shared upon commencement of project.). 


Global climate opinion data analysis

  • We are compiling a large dataset of public opinion about climate change around the world. We’d like a student to collect and process several surveys from Europe. The work would involve downloading data from the survey firm that conducted the original surveys, and identifying relevant questions about climate change from each survey. Students will need working knowledge of Excel and the ability to pay close attention to detail, but no prior experience working with survey data is required. 
  • Time total: 5-10 hours
  • Output: spreadsheet with survey question wording, question identifier, and response categories. 


Global climate opinion census data collection

  • We are piloting a method to collect nationally representative survey data in countries around the world. We’d like a student to collect and process census data from Brazil and Indonesia. The work would involve locating and downloading regional population counts for individuals grouped by gender, age, and education from each country’s national census website. Experience working with US Census data and proficiency in R are preferred. For the Brazil position, familiarity with Portuguese is helpful but is not required. 
  • Time total: 10-40 hours 
  • Output: cross-tabulations of the Brazilian or Indonesian populations by region, age, gender, and education. 


Dataset review and validation 

  • We are compiling a dataset of houses of worship in seven states, for a project about the relationship between faith and climate concern. We’d like three to five students to collect and validate data about each house of worship in our database. The work would involve looking up (for instance) church websites from a list of church names, addresses, and phone numbers. Students will need working knowledge of Excel and the ability to pay close attention to detail.
  • Total time: 50+ hours
  • Output: Additional data appended to an existing dataset (to be shared upon commencement of project.)


Blog and Email authors

  • YPCCC is updating their data visualization tools and looking for students to explore the tools, examine patterns/trends, and write up blog posts and emails summarizing the findings to be communicated to lay audiences. The student will be working with a postdoc and members of the data visualization team. Students will need some working knowledge of data analyses, data visualization, writing blog posts, and scientific writing.
  • Time total: 15-50 hours (depending on interest in writing multiple posts/notes).
  • Output: At least one blog post and/or email visualizing and summarizing findings. You will be expected to meet with research team members to check in at least once a month, and send drafts of work via email to be reviewed by the team.